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Buhle Bami Style and Beauty Expo: In my words

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By Sikhulile Dlamini
Guest Writer

Now, the title was one thing, the whole poster was another, and for the team to be scattered ‘aaarrrgh, #sigh #breathe, even with Ntando there, (I prefer to call her Will) she was pretty much absent. All I saw and heard from the Event name was heels, face beat and slay! At least the mainstream version of it (I’ll elaborate later.)
The sun was at its climax with the temperatures soaring around the higher 20s; 29 degrees Celsius to be exact and the sky was immaculate without the clouds overshadowing it.
I was in denim shorts and a pink palm tree shirt with ankle creepers. the only ‘face beat’ I had was the sunburn from over the cause of the week and my geeky glasses. No coherence what so ever to the girls on the poster – they had wavy edges for crying out loud- #sigh #breathe.

Buhle bami style and beauty Expo

“Musonda Chimba- Contact” – I read it silently trying to pronounce it as smoothly as I could. We got accredited and did a quick scan of the premises before actually moving in on everything Sands’ voice filled the air with Tigi, his hit single. Little Ms. Will worked the camera while I gathered the ambience. Man was this underestimated. I saw a couple familiar faces there, kicked my introverted self for not spearing in and bombarding them with questions though. Musonda opened up by introducing the expo with a draw, which had prizes sponsored by some of the stalls that were there; Fifi’s bag shack being the first one. Shout out to Sindisiwe Nsibande by the way. Khosi Shabalala – the make-up artist- stepped up to give a tutorial, instructing the crowd and giving us her personal tips as she continued. The crowd watched attentively as she picked up different utilities and wiped them around this female’s face who was sitting down. I knew I’d lost my focus when I started imagining her as the cliché societal French Artist, dressed in a black barrette, black loafers and bodyline turtle neck. Focus, Skhu. I walked away as swiftly as I came through.

This led me to the Swazi Secretes stand. It had been a while since I’d seen their products anywhere, so stumbling on the revamp was stunning. The product is made from pure Marula oil and its story of tree to factory to retail process is a beautiful one. The fruit is handpicked by the women of the community and delivered at the factory where the seed is then pressed, at the factory down at Mpaka and bottled too. Special thanks to Bongani, a Swazi Secrets representative, for this information.

A section of the crowd at the Buhle Bami style and beauty expo
Condomize! was also at the expo to talk safe sex and reproductive health

I visited some more stalls. The Expo was an entire vibe. Everywhere I turned, something would catch my attention. Like the eye-catching earrings in the shape of an afro comb and who was the woman with a huge fro? I fell in love and I wasn’t the only one. To my amazement, I looked around and everything was either organic or unique. Kazatreats did the most by keeping everyone cooled off with their cocktails. Yummy. Then it was time, the conversation I had curiously stayed anxious for was about to start… I watched as Musonda took to the stage again with the next speaker and I gently pushed through the crowd to get a little closer…
I bet now you’re curious too.

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